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BISinfotech is the B2B Tech Media House in India which has first augmented the word ‘Convergence’. Our hefty editorial, assessment and BAC (BISinfotech Advisory Committee) comprising of industry thought leaders consistently delivers a new form of Tech Journalism and Media Strategies. May it be a startup, developers, designers, hobbyists, buyer-seller, distributor, integrator, OEM or DevOps – BISinfotech is today read by millions coming from different walks of the industry. Accolades: From the prestigious POLESTAR AWARDS to MEDIA INDUSTRY’s leading recognitions, we have a team of nominated stellars and the brand is today recognized in the indigenous Media Industry. We are known for being ahead and tapping every new trend across the B2B tech and Electronics Industry.

DM&A – PR Consultants & Event Managers – DMA, established in 1998, is an innovative marketing and public relations consultancy specializing in Media Relation & Event Management besides Digital / Social Media.. The Consultancy offers a wide spectrum of Corporate Communication and Event Management Solutions oa a turn-key basis under one umbrella.

Brand is a perception: We at DMA take the challenge to stimulate a significant majority of the target audience being targeted to identify a brand in an affirmative and desired manner. We play a major role in fabricating and shaping those perceptions.

With the hands-on approach and extensive experience, we offer a diverse array of communication support services to our clientele, including Public Relations, Event Management, Social Media, Direct Contact Programs, Road Shows, Print and Production besides Films and Audio – Visuals.

We try to understand the lifestyle and cultural insight, and we use that understanding to develop all sorts of media related solutions for our clients. We also have strong media connections in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Our enthusiastic and inventive teams are proactive and proficient with in-depth expertise across a range of industry sectors. We have handled clients spanning almost all industries – Aviation, Automation, Oil & Gas, Hospitality, Education, Human Resources, Alternate Energies sources, Electric Vehicles, Minerals, Climate Change, and Healthcare to name a few.

Whether it’s the launch of new companies and products or promotion of your services to business; perception management; reputation management; public affairs management; critical issue management; handling crisis management; bolstering visibility; corporate brand identity creation; fueling turnarounds; instituting competitive differentiation; bringing about positive attitudinal transformation; creating strategic messages that stimulate media interest; conceptualizing & hosting, inaugural events, conferences, seminars and workshops including logistics – DMA always ensures beforehand that its recommendations are strategically sound and artistically appropriate.

Not only this, we also conduct shows and live performances to promote and uphold propagation of Indian cultural heritage and its traditional art forms as a passion apart from corporate events.

DMA Newsdesk – We are pleased to introduce, a leading news portal in the country. Almost eight new stories appear on this site every day. Various international websites/search engines are using our portal as a source to pick up and carry stories on a daily basis. In addition, there are relevant queries including news breaks, which explain the visibility of our portal. We have represented large Industrial Houses covering the industry they represent.

Electrical & Power Info: 14 years old magazine. ELECTRICAL & POWER INFO, contains well composed information and it represents the right balance of Electrical and Power sector and it reviews smart grid technology, Current scenario, energy efficiency and much more. Magazine regularly publishes insight into industry’s news, development, latest happening industry updates, market growth with a broad view of sector News, Analysis, Cover story, Projects, Technology developments, Product update, environmental and features at a national level.

Electronics Era provides coverage of Electronics, Technology and the Market around the globe. We provide insightful articles, attracting the industry’s largest, qualified and highly engaged readers.

Who appreciate our timely & rich contents. Our target audiences are design engineers and purchasing professionals. Our in-depth technical content delivers what they are looking for & they really weave out many ideas out of it. Electronic Era helps you build awareness, drive traffic, communicate your offerings to the right audience, generate leads and sell your products better. We keep out content updated with the changing technologies, anticipating reader preference and delivering on advertiser demands for measurable results. Offered in print & digital versions. The Electronics Era continues to inspire a devoted global audience– the largest qualified readership of any industry brand. Our readers are R&D professionals, researchers and product designers, OEMs and systems integrators; kindly contact us at

EV Mechanica is the leading source for EV industry news because of its commitment to high-quality content. EV Mechanica reaches over 75,000 qualified subscribers. All e-readers are mailed directly and further distributed at all of the leading industry events worldwide. International readers receive the popular digital edition, and every day update is available on our website that averaging over 2 lakh unique readers per month. EV Mechanica qualified subscribers include key decision-makers throughout the electric vehicle industry.

KARREP, a premier B2B publication catering to the automotive aftermarket sector, is the go-to source for reliable and comprehensive coverage of the latest news, trends, and insights. Whether in print, web, digital, or newsletter formats, KARREP empowers industry professionals with timely and relevant information, keeping them ahead of the curve in a fast-evolving market. It also offers a prime platform for companies to showcase their innovative products and services to a highly targeted audience of key decision-makers, including manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and service providers. Packed with expert analysis, industry profiles, product reviews, and exclusive interviews, KARREP’s content is tailored to meet the needs of executives, managers, and professionals seeking the best solutions and strategies to drive their businesses forward. Trust KARREP to provide accessible, high-quality content that delivers exceptional value to anyone invested in the automotive aftermarket industry.

Mercom India (formerly Mercom Communications India) is a subsidiary of U.S.-based Mercom Capital Group, a leading clean energy communications and consulting firm recognized worldwide for its expertise in renewable energy. Mercom is widely recognized for its leadership and influence in helping shape India’s rapidly growing clean energy markets.
Mercom India is located in Bangalore and provides research, news, and communications services for clean energy organizations in the Indian market.

Renewable Mirror’s offers unique and research oriented content that is read widely. Our monthly magazine is reaching to numerous industries and helping them in creating goodwill in the market with our unique media coverage to achieve their goals. Within short period of time it has captured the attention of the leaders in the Renewable industry. We cover topics include all renewable technologies – wind, solar (photovoltaic, thermal, solar thermal electric), bioenergy, geothermal, small hydro and ocean and tide energies as well as energy saving and sustainable mobility. 
Renewable Mirror’s research-driven features, timely news reports and e-newsletter, business insights and market updates, Indian and International projects, government policies, interviews with top executives of successful companies who share their best practices and views on important issues of industry backed by scrupulous theme and vibrant design.

Industrial Outlook: You’re Industry! Our Outlook. We are an Industrial Outlook one-of-its-kind monthly digital and print magazine about various sectors i.e. Electricals, Power & Utilities, Automation, Rail & Metro, Water, Data Centre, Telecom, Energy, Biogas, Process Industry etc. 

Industrial Outlook is specially designed for renowned entrepreneurs to stay connected to the most recent industry trends. At Industry Outlook, research & innovation is quite extensive, it is only possible with our team of industry innovators. As they are in a constant endeavour to bring the best-of-both-worlds to you, the industries, entrepreneurship development, and much more. We are innovative. We are fresh. We are totally all set to broaden the possibilities of industrial business in India.

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