Alternate Energy Expo

India's Transition to Net Zero Emissions

  • India having large energy consumption & considering the future requirement creates a necessity for transition to cleaner energy for a sustainable future.
  • India is a crucial player in the global clean energy transition, given its status as the third-largest energy consumer in the world as of 2022.
  • India currently experiences a significant increase in energy demand driven by rapid economic growth, which necessitates a shift away from fossil fuels.
  • India stands 4th globally in Renewable Energy Installed Capacity (including Large Hydro), 4th in Wind Power capacity & 4th in Solar Power capacity (as per REN21 Renewables 2022 Global Status Report). The country has set an enhanced target at the COP26 of 500 GW of non-fossil fuel-based energy by 2030. This has been a key pledge under the Panchamrit (nectar elements). This is the world’s largest expansion plan in renewable energy.
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